About the designer
Rafi Anteby

The ultimate test of courage is often determined by how people react to hardship.
Having survived a lifetime of violence, Bullets for Peace jewellery designer, Rafi Anteby, exemplifies such courage. 
From an early age, living in the war torn nation of Israel, Rafi witnessed and experienced unthinkable violence and decided to engage in martial arts training.
Years later he became an officer in the Israeli Army and suffered a great loss when several members of his platoon were killed in a car bomb in the Lebanon war. 
After the war, Rafi moved to the Orient to live as a Monk in order to further his martial arts training and to explore a more introspective approach to dealing with violence. 
His advanced training and self-discovery through mediation and Chinese healing arts led him back to Israel and later to South Africa where he opened a martial arts school to teach peace through martial arts. 
Rafi participated in various matches and now holds numerous World Championship Titles representing South Africa. 
Years later, Rafi relocated to the United States to continue his desire to promote peace. 
His most recognized accomplishments were through his work in the United States teaching martial arts to Hollywood celebrities and through his work with the U.S Government where he provided counter terrorism training. 
Wanting to make a greater impact in promoting peace, Rafi created the Sha Dang clothing line. The Sha Dang clothing line was carefully designed to encompass Chinese messages of empowerment. Sha Dang is a lifestyle company that was inspired by the two ancient Martial Arts and healing monasteries in China where Rafi spent time: Shaolin, known as the original Kung Fu monastery of the Buddhist people, and Wu Dang, which includes the internal arts such as Tai Chi and Qigong and is the home of the Taoist way of life, an ancient Chinese philosophy which promotes living simply and in harmony with nature, and going with the flow. The empowerment and strength of the Shaolin warriors, combined with the softness and healing capabilities of the Wu Dang monks creates a perfect discipline. 
Two years later, he learned of the violent murder of his best friend, David Perry, who was shot 18 times in South Africa. Rafi returned to his original place of solace in China to take some time off. He was motivated to take his artistic talents to the next level making it his mission and life’s work vocalizing his approach to help combat violence. Rafi created something that would ultimately help to limit the damage an individual bullet could do. By transforming a bullet casing into an artistic piece of jewellery i.e. a symbol for peace, this helps to ensure that one bullet casing cannot be refueled to kill again.