Founders and owners Sharon and Alon , The only Authorized Dealer of Lucchese Texas U.S and Sancho Spain in NZ/AU. Sole distributor of Bullets4peace U.S Jewellery line.

We have been traveled many years and lived a few years in Thaliand, New York, Sydney ,Melbourne and Israel. Alon is a Gemologist and Sharon is a Marketing and Customer service manager for many years. Two years ago we have decided to live in a country offering an attractive lifestyle and some business opportunities and after visiting New Zealand we fell in love with the peaceful, beautiful country and mostly the amazing kiwis who are so easy going.

As we are both a huge cowboy boots fans and has more than 10 pairs of boots each it was just a matter of time for us to bring the unique style of the cowboy boots here after all our local friends just kept asking us where can they get a pair of boots like ours. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best collection, the highest quality and a wow customer service experience. The key for us at Rodeo Drive Boots is to understand what you want, and to achieve this we put thought into finding the right boot for your lifestyle and personality.

We are also the only distributor of Bullets4Peace in NZ and AU. It’s a jewellery line made of recycled bullet casings taken from reload centers, streets, and war zones. When a bullet is fired the tip flies towards the target and the casing falls to the ground. Manufacturers reload these casings with live ammunition. Bullets4Peace intercepts this vicious cycle by transforming the casings into unique and stylish pendants insuring that these bullets will never find their way back to war zones, thus promoting harmony and peace. Bullets4Peace transforms war bullets into beautiful and unique jewelry as a way of spreading consciousness of peace.